Family Travel Image 5 Tips for Family Travel

Summer is now in full swing. If you’re planning a family vacation this summer, here are some tips for making your vacation sensational, not stressful.

  1. Be Realistic With Your Itinerary. Set the pace of your activities to what your youngest traveler can handle. And don’t forget to add time for bathroom breaks, snack time, naps, etc.
  2. Set a Budget. Consider how much you’ll spend on dining, entertainment, and souvenirs. Set aside an additional amount for a splurge. When you get to your destination, you may find that you want to check out a local restaurant or try an activity you didn’t have in your original plan.
  3. Pack a Few Comforts From Home. Traveling can be stressful for kids, despite being a lot of fun. To ease the stress, make space in your suitcase for a favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
  4. Take Frequent Breaks. If you’re driving, schedule a stop about every two hours. Try to find a park or playground where your little ones can stretch their legs and expend some energy. It might prolong your trip, but it’ll make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.
  5. Capture Your Memories. Consider purchasing an inexpensive disposable camera for your kids so they can document the moments that they want to remember. Or you may prefer to give each child their own travel journal where they can write or draw pictures to document their favorite experiences from the trip.

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